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Health Safety & Environment Policy

Trilogy’s ability to fulfill its responsibilities in the areas of environment, health and safety continues to be a significant focus of the Company. We are committed to fostering a culture that respects the people involved in our work and the communities and environment in which we operate. We strive to instill high EH&S standards at all levels of our operations, focusing on education, training and compliance with established policies and procedures. Trilogy closely monitors its performance in these areas, reinforcing accountability among every individual working on Trilogy sites.

Working in a highly regulated industry, Trilogy places a great deal of importance on keeping abreast of current regulatory requirements and, under the oversight of the EH&S Committee of the Board of Directors, directing the activities of its business in a manner that complies with these requirements.

The activities conducted by Trilogy in these areas in 2015 included, among other things, participating with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety in the Proactive Strategic Initiatives Program, implementing a third party competency management and development system, completing emergency response training exercises, holding monthly Safety Meetings and participating in annual Safety Stand Down Meetings with employees, consultants and contractors in the field.

Health and Safety

Trilogy’s first priority is the health and safety of its employees, contractors and the public. This is promoted by the Company’s “safetyfirst” logo. The policies, practices and procedures associated with Trilogy’s Health and Safety Management System are an integral part of its daily operations; Trilogy endeavors to make safety a guiding factor in all of its decisions with safety awareness, training and accountability being well established fundamentals of Trilogy’s corporate culture. Hazard and risk assessment, incident/accident reporting and investigation, and site inspections and audits, internally as well as by insurance companies and regulatory agencies, provide a means of measuring our performance. Trilogy strives for continual improvement in its Health and Safety Management System to ensure it is meeting or exceeding applicable occupational health and safety legislation obligations, and maintaining its Certificate of Recognition (COR), which is issued by Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour and awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards.


Commitment to environmental protection and stewardship is a critical aspect of our operations and a significant component of Trilogy’s decision making process. Environmental pre-site assessments are conducted on cultivated lands to determine baseline criteria to which the reclamation assessment can be compared and to aid in the development of site specific construction practices. New technology implementation and continued regulatory changes aid in reducing the footprint on the land. Impacted material from spills are cleaned up and remediated, and other generated wastes, as a result of our business activities, are identified, processed and tracked in accordance with regulatory requirements and guidelines. This is to ensure that the land is restored to its original state at the time of surface reclamation. An asset retirement inventory to assess future abandonment and reclamation liabilities has been developed and is maintained.

Trilogy reports air emissions and greenhouse gases (GHG) to federal and provincial regulatory agencies. Trilogy’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions makes implementing economically-viable GHG emission reduction projects an important part of our operations. As part of Trilogy’s continuing commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its operations, several emissions reduction practices have been implemented at Trilogy operated facilities including:

  • acid gas disposal
  • electrifying pump jack drivers;
  • upgrading facilities to include gas conservation and hydrocarbon vapour recovery;
  • installing and using telematics devices on Trilogy’s truck fleet to assist in the reduction of vehicle idling;
  • scavenging H2S from solution gas to allow gas conservation into sweet infrastructure;
  • installing floating roof oil storage tanks to minimize fuel gas makeup and hydrocarbon vapour recovery requirements;
  • working with our power distributors to extend the electrical grid to new development areas;
  • adopting a pad drill philosophy wherever possible to aggregate wells onto a single well pad to reduce the number of flare stacks, roads and pipelines required, and to reduce the volume of purge/pilot fuel gas required, thereby lessening the overall environmental footprint of our operations; and
  • utilizing waste flash gas volumes to replace fuel gas in flare pilot supply and thereby reducing our total flare volume requirements.

Trilogy also works with industry and government to ensure our water resources, including rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands, as well as the groundwater systems that are linked to them are being used in a safe and sustainable manner.
For the benefit of all our stakeholders, Trilogy continues to monitor, review and implement new operational processes to demonstrate its commitment to improving environmental performance.