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Trilogy E-Invoicing System

Trilogy Energy has implemented an electronic invoicing solution to improve operational efficiency.

Trilogy’s E-invoicing is an innovative approach to improving our business processes.

As a Trilogy Supplier, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Ability to view the status of invoices submitted to Trilogy through the Cortex Supplier application
  • Reduced outstanding receivables
  • Lower overhead costs as a direct result of the reduction in paper needed to print and mail invoices

Invoice Requirements

When an order is place, the Trilogy representative will provide you with the following:

  • Cost Centre Number
  • AFE Number (if required)
  • Account Code (ie: 9125.226)
  • P.O. Number (if applicable)
  • Location or UWI
  • First and Last Name of the Trilogy Recipient

Additional backup previously provided along with an invoice will now be required as an electronic attachment when an invoice is submitted. This may include backup in the form of a work order, field ticket or packing slip. This backup must be signed by a Trilogy representative.

Cortex Information

Trilogy strongly encourages all suppliers to register and connect with Cortex Business Solutions as this is now the standard to do work with Trilogy.

Cortex Company Info: www.cortex.net

To start the process of connecting your company, please contact Cortex: insidesales@cortex.net or 1-866-716-6272 ext. 2

If you require support or technical assistance with Cortex: support@cortex.net or 1-866-716-6272 ext. 1

For Cortex training materials: www.cortex.net/s/Training_Documents.asp

PLEASE NOTE: Trilogy will not accept paper invoices from registered Cortex suppliers after their sign-on date.

Questions or concerns? Please contact Vendor Relations: vendorrelations@trilogyenergy.com